I work hard to connect with my clients, listening to their needs and expectations. I assess and develop sustainable exercise routines and where requested, health and nutrition advice. Below you'll find genuine testimonials from just some of my clients...

I have really enjoyed our 1-2-1 fitness sessions ... fun and interesting

Jurga is a great trainer, I have really enjoyed our 1-2-1 fitness sessions together. She also has a vast knowledge about nutrition and healthy living - she is supportive and understanding. Most of all she keeps it fun and interesting! I highly recommend her services if you are looking to start, re-start or boost your fitness journey!

Sarah G. (Nottingham)

We have progressed a lot and can see visible results in our shape and fitness

My Husband & I have been training with Jurga for 3 months. She has tailored a variety of workouts to accommodate each of our preferences. Because we have two small children, we have been able to fit in the sessions in our back garden once a week. We have looked forward to it every week and feel like we have gotten to know Jurga who is a lovely, friendly, supportive and encouraging coach. We have progressed a lot and can see visible results in our shape and fitness, plus it's been really nice to have that time together as a couple without thinking about chores or work etc! We would highly recommend Jurga. She knows her stuff and gets the best from you with a very positive approach. Thank you Jurga for your time, help and lovely smiley face!
Fiona & Ben (Ravenshead, Nottingham)

I was amazed at the results I was able to achieve.

“I started training with Jurga whilst shredding my post baby weight ready for a friends beach wedding in South Africa. I was amazed at the results I was able to achieve. Jurga has a a wonderful way of encouraging you to give more than you thought was possible through excellent mentoring and motivational skills.. Focus is balanced between good form whilst training and healthy eating regimes whilst between sessions. Thanks Jurga for all your effort and support.”
Mrs Kate K. (Nottingham)

We trained together outdoors … I gained the confidence to join a gym and haven’t looked back since

“I started Personal Training with Jurga following putting on a scary amount of weight during a low point in my life. We trained together outdoors at a local park. After working with Jurga and losing a considerable amount of weight by both training and following her nutritional advice I gained the confidence to join a gym and haven’t looked back since. Jurga still checks in with me and keeps me on the straight and narrow. I highly recommend her….”
Maria P. (Nottingham)

I took on board your advice … have lost 3 st

“I took on board your advice and carried on thinking about positive things every morning and stopped drinking so tea-total now and eating healthily and doing yoga. Have lost 3 st – I’m so proud, one more hurdle then I will carry on and get to my goal. Thank you – you are an inspiration!”
Mrs Ann S. (Nottingham)

Jurga was much more interested in what was the root cause and helping me solve my weight problem permanently

“I never tire of telling this story. Jurga was the person that really kick-started my weight loss journey. When I first met Jurga in May 2012, I was 20 stones – now in Jan 2014 I weigh 16 stones 10 pounds, and I’m well on my way to my target of 14 stones.
I met Jurga at a business networking event. I dreaded meeting fitness experts at these events because I always had the same exchange:
Me: “So what do you do”
Them: “I’m a fitness instructor / personal trainer”
Me: (nervous defence laughter) “Oh right, I probably shouldn’t talk to you then!!”
Them: “Yes, I can tell your fat, get to my gym / class”
Now, I’m overly dramatic with the paraphrasing, but in my mind it’s what I heard. I then stood back and listened to a spiel about the types of classes they did / gym equipment they had. Having been a serial fatty for about 15 years, there was nothing that turned me off more.
Until I met Jurga…we had the same exchange but her response to my defence laughter was “OK, so at least you’ve recognised you’ve got a problem – how do you think you got here?”
That one question got me thinking and is the best example I can give of what separates Jurga from everyone else I’ve met in this field – she wasn’t a fitness “doctor”, looking to prescribe me their “medicine”. Jurga was much more interested in what was the root cause and helping me solve my weight problem permanently.
Over time we met for coffee occasionally and we talked about (without me realising it) me taking ownership of my weight issue. Slowly but surely I added in small but permanent changes that on their own were not immense, but collectively added up.
What’s more, because I had decided on the small changes, to me they were achievable and could fit into my lifestyle – so the change stuck and became habits.
Things like swapping out my hourly coffee at work for a glass of water; running upstairs to the loo not strolling; walking to the shop 3-4 times a week for small shops, rather than take the car once a week for a big family shop all became a part of my daily routine.
At the start I felt like I couldn’t quit because I’d be letting Jurga down. Over time you become more self-aware and look at things you do with you own diet and exercise. I still integrate the “small steps” philosophy Jurga taught me from the outset. I’m now motivated by my own personal goals and being fit for my wife and 2 kids.
Am I perfect – no. Have I achieved my goals yet – no. But I had no hope and no idea where to start; without a chance meeting with Jurga who knows where I’d be now?
The fact is that after that chance meeting I’m over 3 stone lighter, I’m more active now than I’ve been in years and that goal weight is just a matter of time.
I would highly recommend that anyone with long-term weight issues like I had pick up the phone or email Jurga and meet up either in person or go to one of her classes. It is the best thing I ever did and I am happy to class Jurga as a friend.”
Marcus H. (Nottingham)

I have had many comments from friends and family about how much more toned I look

“I originally contacted Jurga as I felt that I need personal guidance to my fitness regime and somebody to help motivate me which I wasn’t able to do when I was at the gym on my own.
Jurga has got results quickly and I have had many comments from friends and family about how much more toned I look. Jurga has introduced me to new exercises I had never tried before and I am probably in my best shape ever.
I look forward to my workouts with Jurga!”
Miss Ann L. (Nottingham)

I began to feel an increased sense of achievement. I noticed a marked increase in both my strength and my stamina

“I looked for a PT as I wanted to feel better about myself. I found it much better to work one-to-one than to go to the gym as I have more confidence in performing exercises properly if I work alongside an instructor.
I found the sessions to be stimulating as the exercises were varied per session which kept things interesting. The exercises were tailored to my specific needs and goals. I found Jurga to be highly motivating and encouraging and easy to follow.
Jurga didn’t just concentrate on physical activity, she gave me lots of advice and guidance on diet and approaching general fitness. After several sessions my confidence levels rose and I began to feel an increased sense of achievement – after just a few sessions I noticed a marked increase in both my strength and my stamina.”
Mrs Louise C. (Guiltbrook, Nottingham)

Steady weight loss and improved fitness. No fads or fancy diets, just sensible eating

“I had tried everything , from hypnotherapy to boot camp to gyms to exercise DVDs. I ultimately realised that I needed the one to one interaction only a personal trainer can deliver.
I have achieved steady weight loss and improved fitness. No fads or fancy diets , just sensible eating and I don’t go hungry. I look forward to our training sessions – Jurga is like a ray of sunshine – and she leaves me with a real buzz and a ‘can do ‘ attitude. Before I met Jurga , I never realised I was eating the wrong foods and the wrong portion sizes. That was one of the first things that Jurga looked into and changed my whole attitude to food.
She is always accessible for advice – at any time of the day and always encouraging . I have a busy job and I would not have managed to regularly exercise but for the flexibility that she offers. I have had a personal trainer before some years ago who never listened to clients . Jurga listens and adapts. Each session is completely different and tailor made to the individual. Personal Training is not cheap but she is more that worth it and I wish I had found her earlier. I would have loved to have continued with her but due to family reasons we are moving 80 miles away from Nottinghamshire and I will miss her friendly patter and the invigorating training sessions.
I would highly recommend Jurga to anyone who is looking for a friendly and dedicated personal trainer.”
Mrs S. H. (Radcliffe-on-Trent)

From injury back to fitness

“I have used Jurga’s PT services for over a year now. At first I started using her because I had no confidence and was very unfit due to doing no exercise because I had suffered a brain injury caused in a car crash. Seeing Jurga has not only helped with my balance and coordination, but she has also improved my fitness, toned my body and massively helped with my confidence.
Jurga is always positive and upbeat and really helps you to want to keep fit. Jurga’s friendly demeanour and positive attitude leads to a great teacher. I would recommend Jurga’s services to anyone. I haven’t been to the Kettlercise class, but because of Jurga, I now love kettlebells, and would attend the class if possible.
Thank you Jurga!”
Miss Lauren H. (Nottingham)

You got me motivated

“I’ll stand by my statement – your class is hard work, and so it should be. But you make it fun, and I’m sure I’m not just speaking for myself when I say the benefit I feel for the rest of the week far outweighs the short-term aching limbs.
You’re a brilliant trainer Jurga and you get the balance of fun and hard work right. More importantly for me, you got me motivated by getting me thinking about how my weight increased, what I wanted to achieve and gave me simple everyday steps to improve my health and wellbeing.
I may have a different mindset but I go to your class because I know I will work hard and the results will be worth it.
If anyone reading this is thinking about getting fit but doesn’t know where to start, you should definitely contact Jurga as a starting point.”
Marcus H. (Nottingham)

It’s been hard work, but life changing!

“It’s been hard work, but life changing. The nutritional, fitness and metabolic advice has certainly improved my overall lifestyle.
Sessions are varied with new exercises and different techniques.
Jurga’s enthusiasm, friendliness and constant support helps make it enjoyable. Always motivating … always positive!
I have no hesitation in recommending Jurga as a personal trainer.”
Mrs B.H. (West Bridgford, Nottingham)

Kettlercise class

“I am loving the Kettlercise class Jurga takes, she makes a point of learning everyone’s name so it feels personal and you’re not just another face in the class. It’s a great workout for all over toning and fitness which is a lot of fun, but also makes you sweat :) I’m so glad I came across this class – I have just 1 session a week and already the difference in my body shape and fitness is noticeable; definitely a class I will keep attending and would recommend to anyone! Keep up the great work, Jurga!”
Mrs S. Edensor (Nottingham)

A Bride-to-be

“I had been planning my wedding for a while, everything was sorted except me! I had the perfect dress but felt I could look better in it. Having tried (and failed) at many diets in the past and feeling too self conscious to use the gym I began to look for other options and came across Jurga :) She was able to come to my house and carry out personal training sessions, this was invaluable, as a nurse my shift patterns change from week to week but we were always able to find a day to train. The exercises, the diet advice and someone on the end of the phone/internet was just what I needed! I recently went for my dress fitting and it felt perfect!! (even needs taking in now :) ) I now feel confident enough to attend my local gym classes. I feel like I have a new lease of life! I cannot thank Jurga enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her service.”
Sally Hutchinson (Mansfield) – March 2012
“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and support you have given me to get on the right path. I would like to thank you so much for your time, effort and encouragement- you truly are an inspiration and I wouldn’t think twice about recommending you to friends, family and colleagues, you are great at what you do.”
Sally H. (Mansfield)

Kettlercise class

“I am really enjoying your kettlercise class. You lead and motivate the class well by your self motivation, participation and encouragement. You ensure everyone is doing the exercises correctly and getting the best benefit without causing injury. Although we are in a class of people it does feel like you connect and treat us all as individuals and ensure people are working and pushing themselves to their appropriate level.”
Miss Sarah H. (Nottingham)

Training for London marathon

“I was in the process of training for the London Marathon 2011 earlier this year and was a little lost in my training and needed a bit more direction. I felt I needed to give serious thought to my diet and other types of exercise apart from running. I was looking to seek advice from a personal trainer and Jurga was recommended to me. I firstly met with Jurga to discuss my diet, this was then followed by a gym session where we specifically worked on the areas that I wanted to target i.e. core strength, stability and stretching as I was concerned about getting injured. I received honest and practical advice from Jurga – as a working mum I haven’t got a lot of time. I received advice on how to improve my diet to benefit my training and to keep my energy levels up which has been of great help and benefit to me. The gym session was also invaluable to me and the exercises I was shown were 100% geared towards my requirements. Since meeting with Jurga, I have successfully completed the London Marathon, have lost a few pounds in weight and am now looking to run my next marathon in Sept. My eating habits have improved immensely and I feel much happier for it. I would definitely recommend Jurga’s services for sports nutrition and exercise.”
Mrs Sarah Prior, PA (Nottingham)

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